Tuesday 9 June 2020

Hello and welcome 

After moving to Suffolk almost two years ago to be with my daughter and her family I have learnt to crochet dolls.

I call these Jacqueline’s Tiny Tots 
These two are Flossy and Bobby and they are mine.
I use these as my models for testing any new outfits that I come up with.

They are crocheted in 100% cotton yarn and their clothes are knitted in 100% wool yarn. Their hair is crocheted in brushable mohair and they are stuffed with polyester.
My dolls are CE Tested which allows me to sell them in the UK and Europe.

Although my dolls are crocheted I must admit I prefer knitting.
The reason I haven't knitted them is that I have not found a knitting pattern to match the crochet pattern.

Thank you for visiting with me today and I hope to see you again soon


Jacqueline xx

Friday 27 May 2016

Little Lottie

Good evening and welcome to my blog

I went on an amazing course the other weekend the outcome of which I am absolutely thrilled  with.

here she is isn't she just the sweetest little thing

pretty in blue

now in her cute little dungarees and blouse

another cute dress

I'm so pleased with her I can't stop making her new clothes

love this little smile

what a little blondey 

I'm hoping to make another but first I need to spend some time with my daughter and her family for half term so watch this space once the holiday is over

thank you for visiting with me and I hope you will come back again soon

jacqueline xx

Saturday 7 May 2016

May the Course be with you

Good afternoon and welcome to my blog

I'm super excited, I have enrolled on a course to make Waldorf dolls next weekend
I know that I have made a couple but I'm finding it difficult to roll the stuffing tight and firm enough to make the doll stable enough for play so I'm off to Sheffield to take on the challenge of making a really good doll with the aid of a tutor

so wish me luck and I will post pictures on my return
this is so going to be a long week :-)

thank you for visiting with me today

jacqueline xx

Sunday 1 May 2016

Susie my Waldorf Doll No. 1

Good morning and welcome to my blog

Today I would like to show you my first Waldorf doll made with 100% natural fibres

in this photograph you can see that I have managed to roll the head using Wood Batting
it is very hard and to make it like this requires lots of patience

this is her all put together the stuffing for the body arms and legs is rolled like sausage rolls mine I have since found out are not firm enough

this is where we start to play dress up the dress is way too long for her 
as it was made for a rag doll but I just needed to see what would fit her

we now have a face and hair oh and look another dress :-)

I decided that I didn't like the mohair for her hair it was too matted for me
so I have changed it to Alpaca yarn - and yes - another outfit

what outfit wouldn't be complete without a hat
this is my first attempt at crocheting using a pattern 
up till now all I could crochet was a granny square

and to complete the look yesterday I made her a denim jacket

Thank you for visiting with me
I hope you enjoyed Susie's journey
and that you will return soon to see who else will appear

jacqueline xx